DYI Credit Repair System


Even if bad credit is new to you, or has been weighing you down for many years, this can be the year you turn things around!


As long as you are motivated our system will guide you through the process of repairing your credit step by step.

How Long Do Items Stay On Your Credit Report?

Accounts Paid As Agreed 10 Years
Bankruptcy 10 Years
Collections 7 Years
Judgments 7 Years
Late Pays 7 Years
Paid Tax Liens 7 Years
Unpaid Tax Liens Indefinately

How Is Your Credit Score?


Knowing your credit score will not do much good when it comes to repairing your credit. What you need to know is what negative items are affecting your score, this means you need to look at your credit reports.

Request Your Credit Report

Step 1

Get Your Free Credit Reports From:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • Transunion

You can get all three by visiting www.AnnualCreditReport.com

Do I Need Credit Monitoring?

Step 2

If you want to be actively involved in the process of repairing your credit, you will want to keep track of your results. Credit monitoring gives you a snapshot of your results and may provide real time alerts on potential problems.

Identifying Errors on Your Credit Reports

Step 3

  • Identify derogatory items on your credit reports
  • Mark and Rank items to be disputed


Pen on white background

Write Credit Repair Letters

Step 4

In step 4 of the credit repair system you will write credit repair letters.

The letters you write will depend on the errors found on your credit report.

There are 4 steps to writing dispute letters

  1. Verification
  2. Method of Verification
  3. Violation of FCRA rights
  4. Intent to Litigate
  • Goodwill
  • Pay for delete

The system explains these letters in greater details. It also explains the value of sending a letter Vs disputing online.

Reduce Credit Usage

Step 5

The next step in the system is to reduce credit usage.

We understand that sometimes reducing your credit utilization is easier said than done. With the smart Credit system you will learn strategies and techniques in order to:

  • Pay Down Credit Card Debt
  • Income Shift to increase your take home pay and minimize expenses

You are also provided with a Debt Elimination Software.

Create New Credit History

Step 6

You will eventually need new, positive credit in order to boost your scores. This is the next step in the credit repair process. This system will teach you how to:

  • Add Credit History
  • Check Credit Mixure
  • Challenge Hard Inquiries

Final Summary

Repairing your credit will require some time and patience.

  • Don't give up!
  • Exhaust all processes

You will be rebuilding your credit while you dispute derogatory items.

You may not be able to remove all negatives

Beginning today Be sure to pay your debts on time!

Keep monitoring



Smart Money Kit


Whats Included in the Smart Money Kit?

  • 26 Step By Step DIY Credit Repair Videos
  • 4 rounds of Dispute letter Templates
  • Little Known Re-establish Credit Sources
  • Income Shifting Strategies
  • Minimize Expenses Tool
  • Debt Elimination Tool
  • Investment Calculator

You can get started today by purchasing the Smart Money Kit. There are 2 options available.

Option 1

Make a one time payment on $99.95

Option 2

Become a Marketing Director and receive The Smart Money Kit as well as other benefits with your membership. $35/month